What others have said about The Dirty 30s Club:

“Chiao Kee, I get lots of daily e-mail messages, but yours is the only one I consistently read and learn from. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift and insight.”

~Robbie, NH, U.S.A

“As always your little “gems” make my day Chiao. Thank you for supplying us with never ending words of wisdom. If what you give out comes back tenfold, be ready for great things coming to you! Thank you, look forward to more – just loving it.”

~K. Latter, Victoria, Australia.

“Although I have not actually met you, I know that you are a very good person with a big heart. What you share with others in your blog is a clear sign of your goodness and kind heart. I was feeling a bit down the past two days, read all that you wrote and it cheered me up. I am sure you have touched many hearts just as you inspired mine. Thank you.”

~A. Selvaraj, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“It’s been 3 days since I signed up for The Dirty 30s Club (it’s been my favourite website besides Facebook and my email) and every article that I read… I learn new things about life.

I love to read most of my life, I love magazine, story books, business books, kids books, religious books. After reading books I can feel at least I learn a few things that day… and that day doesn’t go wasted. But none of those books seems to resonate with my heart and can hook me into it.

Finally… I can find your website. Thank you for writing your life journey experience and share it with your blog. It’s really what I’m looking for in this life – how to live this life in a better way, feel fulfillment, improve myself endlessly and blessing others. Thank you.”

~Emy Tanoto, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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