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What The World Needs Now -

What The World Needs Now

I was sitting in the living room in my parents’ house last week, cooling myself off under the swishing ceiling fan on that warm and humid afternoon. I was talking to my mother and the conversation veered towards the local school system. I told her that the local Chinese schools’ …

Love Stories -

7 Stories To Make You Smile

I love reading stories that showcase the human spirit. Today’s Remembering Your Spirit is exactly that. It is a collection of seven stories I picked out from These are real stories submitted by everyday people like you and I. In its essence, they are all stories about love—love for …

We Are One -

The Root of Man’s Suffering

Some time ago, a friend introduced me—via email—to an editor of an upcoming lifestyle magazine for Malaysians living in Australia. The young woman had read some of my articles and wanted to feature one of them in the first edition of the magazine. Naturally, she needed my consent. I asked …