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The Boy And The Fence

Today, I thought I would share the story about a little boy and a fence. He reminded me of myself when I get impatient with my parents sometimes. The simplicity of the story drives home a core message, read on to see what it is: There once was a little …


Is Your Ego Getting The Better Of You?

The world is run by egos. The rules in business and in life, in general, are ego-based rules. What you know is not quite as important as who you know and who you are associated with. In any industry, your key to opening doors of opportunities lie in your association …


Carrots, Eggs and Coffee

I read this story today and it reminded me of something what Eleanor Roosevelt is famous for saying. Read on and see …


The Woodcutter And His Axe

This story is made famous by the late Stephen Covey in his book—The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Once upon a …