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Experiences, epiphanies and distinctions about life in general.

Man's Universal Fear -

Man’s Universal Fear

I met up with a friend for dinner last week and throughout the course of the night, the conversation veered towards her dissent about someone who has wronged her by connecting and spending time with her group of friends without informing her. One of the things that sadden me the …

The Man And The Lottery -

The Man And The Lottery

I read this story once a long time ago and lately, it has resurfaced and came back to the forefront of my mind. I don’t remember the story exactly but I’ve tried to reconstruct it as best as I can. There was once a man who prayed everyday. He prayed …

How To Mend A Broken Heart

I was browsing through some books on Amazon yesterday, looking at a few new releases I wanted to read but which still haven’t made their way to the book stores in Melbourne. Out of curiosity, I found myself looking through all the purchases I’ve made through my Amazon account over …

Who's Your Number 1 -

Who’s Your Number One?

When I was growing up, the biggest bane of my existence was that I never felt like I was important enough for …