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Experiences, epiphanies and distinctions about life in general.


The Missing Piece In Many Relationships

A few weeks ago, I did an interview for Today’s Parents with a parenting expert—Leslie Petruk from The Stone Center for Counseling and Leadership—on how to teach children to cope with frustration. To listen to the interview, go HERE. In the thirty-minute interview, I asked Leslie a number of things …


My Gift To You

So, the last two years or so have been interesting. I admit, there were moments when I asked myself if I did the right thing. The answer each time is a resolute and resounding – YES even though a small part of my ego still clings onto some fear, and …


The Boy And The Fence

Today, I thought I would share the story about a little boy and a fence. He reminded me of myself when I get impatient with my parents sometimes. The simplicity of the story drives home a core message, read on to see what it is: There once was a little …


Is Your Ego Getting The Better Of You?

The world is run by egos. The rules in business and in life, in general, are ego-based rules. What you know is not quite as important as who you know and who you are associated with. In any industry, your key to opening doors of opportunities lie in your association …

The New Car Syndrome -

The New Car Syndrome

My brother was visiting me for a few days early in the week. Spending time with him gave me an insight that is the impetus for this post. Several times, on different occasions, he brought up the subject of racism. We were watching television one evening and the ad for …

Old and New

Of Things Old And New

I’m back in my old hometown this week and I admit, every time I make a trip back to this part of …