Six Most Misunderstood Domain Names

Today’s Friday Funnies made me laughed out loud – seriously.

When you are ready to register your domain, please take a moment to reflect in order to avoid domain names like these. All these are real sites. Which are your favourites? Mine is #2, #4 and #5.

1. Looking for the name of the agent who represents a celebrity? Who Represents to the rescue. Their domain?

2. Experts Exchange is a knowledge base where programmers can exchange tips and advice. Simply go to Well, the domain now redirects to a version with a hyphen that removes the ambiguity ;-)

3. Funny one, right? Looking to write that down, but don’t have a pen? Order one at Pen Island. The domain name?

4. By now you might be traumatized and need a therapist? Try the Therapist Finder website:

5. Thankfully, the Mole Station Nursery in New South Wales changed their domain name. Their initial choice they used to build their site, molestationnursery dot com, just wasn’t what they wanted to represent.

6. And for all your design needs, Speed of Art is there to help you. Find them at To their credit, they are holding their head high and proudly claim to have been crowned as one of the worst domain names on the web.

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Happy Friday!

Chiao Kee

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